GERMANY ’20    ENTRIES: Stuttgart 2020


                                         ( SSAA-January 2020)

Ligne et Couleur E.V. Stuttgart

In 2020, Stuttgart as the hometown of Georg Wilhelm Friedrich Hegel (1770-1831), will celebrate the 250th birthday of this important philosopher.
On this occasion we decided to work with one of his sentences for our artistic engagement. The theme for our next international exhibition in 2020 will be: “Das Wahre ist das Ganze” – “The real is all“.

Next to Kant, Hegel is one of the most influential German thinkers. Hegel's principal achievement was his development of an “absolute idealism”. The socialists Marx and Engels belong to his followers, as “Hegelians”.

CALL FOR: Exhibition 2020 in Stuttgart

*NB please send copy of your application to Stuart Campbell:

EXHIBITION VENUE:  Abendessen der Künstler / Rathaus, Stuttgart, Marktplatz 1, Germany

PREVIEW: Townhall Stuttgart: Monday, 18th May, 18.00,
Exhibition Duration:  18th May – 8th July 2020   (Mon – Fri) 8.00 – 18.00pm

Vernissage Dinner for the artists:  Monday 18th May, 20.30pm


GUIDLINES for participants:

N.B. Only one work per participant from Scotland (max 1m size)

All works by Members of SSAA shall be shipped in a single batch, each package inside shall be marked with the sender‘s name and address. 

Despatch of the SSAA works will be arranged (* without insurance) by SSAA at no charge to the artists. If necessary, you will require to arrange your own item’s insurance.

LC, c/o Steffen Huth, Wagenburgstr.1, D-70184 Stuttgart, E-mail:


Either (Only one work per participant!)

1.„Das Wahre ist das Ganze: Hegel / “The real is all: Hegel  or

2. Meine Stadt ist schön / “My town is beautiful”

REGISTRATION: along with a photograph of the work for the catalog,

by April 6th to the e-mail address:-

DELIVERY of Artworks: by May 4th

at LC, c/o Steffen Huth, Wagenburgstr.1, D-70184 Stuttgart,


Each work with its own ‘D’ rings and if framed, NO GLASS, only use plexiglass!


Format JPEG, 300 dpi, minimum 15 cm,

Name of:-  the author, title, dimensions, technique of the art work

Please forward a copy of your application to Stuart Campbell:

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